Take care of a turtle is not easy, but it's very rewarding. Turtles become soon members of our family.
Please don't buy a baby turtle just because your children ask, this happens most of times.
If you decide to take a turtle take only 1 turtle, because turtles grow fast, and two ore more adult turtles mean more work, more frequent cleaning. If you think you can do it then take another turtle.
Turtles adapt themselves to life in captivity, they learn soon that they depend from man, and also learn many other things, recognize voices or their name.
In the next pages I describe the basics for creating an ideal habitat, I give indications on feeding and prevention of common diseases.
All you read comes from my personal experience as turtle owner, from my turtle vet advice, from what I read on books and other sites about red eared sliders.
If you have any question you can write me an e-mail, if possible I will be glad to answer.

Take care of your turtle,
that's all I ask you.

If you respect these rules your turtle will be healthy and
will give you years and years of love and satisfactions !


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